Battery & Charging Safety

Section 1: Battery Safety

1.1 Battery Handling

  • Always handle batteries with clean, dry hands.
  • Avoid dropping or puncturing batteries, as it can lead to leakage or fire hazards, even creating the potential for an explosive event.

1.2 Battery Storage

  • When not in use, store batteries in protective cases or sleeves.
  • Store batteries in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Keep batteries out of reach of children and pets.

1.3 Battery Disposal

  • Properly recycle old or damaged batteries at designated collection points.
  • Do not dispose of batteries in household waste.

Section 2: Battery Charging Safety

2.1 Charging Equipment

  • Use chargers specifically designed for the type of battery in question, and follow manufacturer instructions.
  • Use reputable chargers with safety features.

2.2 Charging Precautions

  • Never leave batteries unattended while charging.
  • Charge batteries on non-flammable surfaces and away from flammable materials (away from curtains, oils, and firewood, especially).
  • Do not overcharge batteries; use a charger with overcharge protection.

Section 3: USB Charging

3.1 USB Cable and Port

  • Ensure that you use a high-quality USB cable sold by a reputable brand.
  • Only use USB plugs and ports with appropriate voltage and current.

3.2 Monitoring Charging

  • Disconnect the USB cable and unplug all other plugs once fully charged.
  • Pay attention to charging indicators.