Do NOT point the beam of any flashlight or laser at or in the direction of an individual, animal, private property, etc.

Do NOT focus the beam of any flashlight or laser on an easily flammable object at close-range. Any damage to the item or individual, as well as any other objects or individuals, will be solely the responsibility of the individual misusing the item.

This flashlight or laser is NOT intended to be capable of burning an object, but may, if used incorrectly, cause damage or start a fire.

Do NOT use unlicensed or low-quality batteries or non-fitting batteries in any flashlight or laser, as well as any other variation or type of battery not intended for use in the item. This is likely to result in damage to the flashlight, and may result in injury.

Do NOT point any laser or flashlight at an aircraft. In most States and Countries, this is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison or a $250,000 fine. Furthermore, it may permanently blind the pilot or passengers, and leave you liable for further damages.

We do NOT take responsibility for the actions of those who use this item for an unintended purpose, or damage the flashlight by way of misuse.

Keep away from children or anyone below the age of 18. This is NOT a toy. If misused, there may be potential for permanent blindness or other injury.

Our high-powered flashlights and lasers are intended for use by Researchers, as well as other experts trained and licensed in their fields to handle such equipment. We do NOT take responsibility for an unlicensed or unqualified individual purchasing or misusing the item.